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News Scan

Prisoner Stabs Fellow Inmate 87 Times: A Maine State Prison inmate has been charged with first-degree murder after authorities say he stabbed a fellow inmate 87 times.  David Harding of the New York Daily News reports that 35-year-old Richard Stahursky, who was originally incarcerated for burglary and theft, told prison officials that he stabbed the other man because he blamed him for this loss of his prison job.  While incarcerated, Stahursky has been convicted multiple times for trafficking.  In 2011 he was sentenced to eight additional years for assaulting a corrections officer.

Convicted Killer to be Released From Prison Early: The family of a murder victim is outraged after their mother's killer is set to be released from prison after spending less than half of her sentence behind bars.  Jennifer Jensen of ABC 10 reports that 69-year-old Delores Jackson is scheduled for release after serving 10 years of a 25-year sentence so she can be placed in a convalescent home and receive cancer treatment.  Jackson was convicted of murder in 2004 for killing an elderly woman who had been providing her financial assistance.  She stabbed the victim more than 50 times and then watched her die.  

Police Solve Decades-Old Homicide: Police in a Northern California town have closed a homicide case that had been left unsolved for more than thirty years. Ian McDonald of Fox 40 reports that the case involved a woman who was found brutally beaten and murdered in her Fairfield, CA home in August of 1983.  At the time police collected DNA and fingerprints from the crime scene, but did not get a match from the national database.  In 2012 the case was re-opened and the fingerprints matched 48-year-old Robert Hathaway, who was childhood friends with the victim's son.  After being questioned by investigators last month, Hathaway hanged himself in his home and left behind a short note explaining he "took the coward's way out."  

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