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News Scan

Murder Suspect On Probation When Homicide Occurred: A West Virginia man released from jail only a few weeks ago has been arrested as the prime suspect in the murder of a 72-year-old woman.  Edward Marshall of The Journal reports that 37-year-old William Jackson, who was released from custody and put on probation February 21, was arrested on Tuesday on one count of first-degree murder and six counts of fraud, after authorities say he stole the victim's bank card and made several fraudulent transactions.  If convicted of murder, Jackson faces a possible life sentence. 

Bill Would Put Habitual Property Criminals Behind Bars: A Hawaii lawmaker is seeking to crack down on the state's repeat burglars by requiring that offenders be put behind bars instead of being placed on probation. Tim Sakahara of Hawaii News Now reports that state Representative Chris Lee is proposing a bill that would eliminate probation as a sentencing option for anyone convicted of three or more burglaries within five years and require a judge to sentence the individual to serve up to five years behind bars.  A community meeting about the bill is scheduled to take place later this week.

Attorney General Pushes Sentence Reductions For Drug Dealers: In an effort to reduce the federal prison population, Attorney General Eric Holder is encouraging the U.S. Sentencing Commission to reduce sentences for non-violent drug offenses.  Evan Perez of CNN reports that Holder believes the change would make the federal justice system more effective and efficient, and if adopted, could reduce the federal prison population by more than 6,000 inmates in five years.  The plan would affect individuals convicted of so-called low level offenses while maintaining tough penalties for violent criminals.

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