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News Scan

TX Set to Execute Convicted Killer: A Texas man convicted of murder and sentenced to death nearly ten years ago is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection Thursday evening.  Jon Herskovitz of IOL News reports that Doyle was convicted of beating a food delivery woman to death with a baseball bat, putting her body in a trash can and stealing her car.  If the execution is carried out as scheduled, Doyle will become the fourth person executed in Texas so far this year.

Realignment Not Living up to Expectations: Governor Brown's Realignment plan, which reduced prison overcrowding by shifting many inmates to county jails, has not produced the kind of positive results many law enforcement agencies were hoping for.  Jean Reynolds writes in Law Enforcement Today that data collected after Realignment went into effect revealed that nearly 60 percent of parolees released to counties were arrested for a new crime within 12 months, a 12 percent increase in recidivism.  Prison costs were also expected to decrease as inmates were moved to the county level, however, it has been reported that the budget actually increased by $200 million.

OK Execution Drug Privacy Law Ruled Unconstitutional: An Oklahoma judge has ruled that the law governing the state's executions is unconstitutional due to privacy provisions that prevent anyone from learning where the lethal injection drugs are coming from.  Bailey McBride of the Associated Press reports that Judge Patricia Parish ruled against the privacy statute, revealing that she believes it is a violation of due process.  Both Arkansas and Missouri keep their execution information private, and just last week, officials in Texas elected not to reveal where they obtained their new batch of pentobarbital.  Oklahoma is scheduled to carry out its next execution April 22.

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