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News Scan

Thousands of 'Criminal Aliens' Released in 2013: Internal documents obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies  (CIS), a group advocating stricter immigration enforcement, have revealed that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents released nearly 68,000 foreign nationals with criminal covictions rather than pursing deportation.  Judson Berger of Fox News reports that ICE agents came in contact with 193,000 'criminal aliens' last year, but only targeted 125,000 of them for deportation.  CIS also revealed that in 2013, ICE charged less than 200,000 of the 722,000 "potentially deportable aliens" they came in contact with.

White House Shooter Sentenced Today: An Idaho man who in 2011 shot at and hit the White House several times is set to be sentenced today after agreeing to plead guilty.  The Associated Press reports that 23-year-old Oscar Ortega-Hernandez hit the White House roughly eight times and did nearly $100,000 in damage, the prosecution has asked that he spend the next 27 years behind bars.  Ortega-Hernandez was originally charged with attempting to assassinate President Obama, but prosecutors agreed to drop the charge in exchange for a plea deal in 2013.

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