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Can We Dent Federal Debt by Cutting the Bureau of Prisons?

One of the principal arguments for the Smarter Sentencing Act is that its reduced use of incarceration will help curb the federal debt.

Is that true?

Today, tax day, is a good day to see for yourself.  Take a look at where your tax money actually goes.

Where Does All the Money Go?

Couldn't find the part spent on incarceration?  I would tell you to get a magnifying glass, but a magnifying glass won't do you any good.  The amount going to the entire Justice Department, much less the Bureau of Prisons, is essentially invisible.

If we want to cut the federal debt, we have to go to where the money is.  As the illustration (from the Heritage Foundation) shows, it's in entitlements, welfare and social benefits. So-called conservatives who think they're advancing the frugality ball by cutting imprisonment are  just ducking the politically more difficult task of paring back the dependency state.

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