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Execute Nidal Hasan. Now.

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We have another Ft. Hood shooting.  This time with "only" three victims dead, and many more wounded.

From what's being reported right at this moment, yesterday's rampage had nothing to do with Jihad.  That would distinguish it from the one conducted four and a-half years ago by then-Major Nidal Hasan.  Hasan hated America and said so.  He mowed down his fellow soldiers by ambush because they were in the Army of the Great Satan.

After years of litigating about his beard (that is not a typo), he was tried and sentenced to death.  Of course the sentence is nowhere close to being carried out, because of the endless, if frivolous, appeals you and I are paying for.

Enough.  A sane, civilized society makes sure of three things:  That we've got the right guy, that he did it intentionally, and that he was sufficiently mentally sound to know right from wrong.

We already know all those things about Hasan.  As this latest massacre should remind us (but won't), it's time to get moving.

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My thoughts exactly.

Expedited action is needed if the military and its' ineffectual justice system are to regain any semblance of the luster in which it was once held.

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