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News Scan

Convicted Killer Accused in Another Murder: An Oregon man who spent 27 years in prison for murder will now face another trial for a second killing authorities say he committed after being released.  Greg Bolt of the Register-Guard reports that 58-year-old David Taylor was sentenced to life in prison in 1977 for the murder of a female gas station attendant, but a parole board voted in favor of releasing him in 2004 after serving just 27 years of his sentence.  Police say Taylor went on a months-long crime binge in 2012 and is responsible for several crimes including bank robbery, kidnapping, and the murder of a 22-year-old man.  If convicted on the murder charge, Taylor faces a possible death sentence.

FL Governor Signs Tough Sex Offender Laws: Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed four new bills aimed at toughening sex offender laws aimed at making Florida the most "unfriendly state" for sex offenders and predators.  ABC 3 reports that the new legislation will require homeless offenders to let police know where they will be spending their time and make it easier for authorities to keep sex offenders in treatment programs after serving their prison sentences.  The new laws also mandates that the most serious sex offenders be sentenced to a minimum of 50 years to life as opposed to the current law which set the minimum at 25 years. 

Woman Arrested After April Fools' Prank: A South Carolina woman was arrested after an April Fools' prank resulted in local police swarming a community college campus in response to a fake school shooting.  Fox Carolina reports that the woman, an employee at the college, sent a text message to her daughter saying there was a gunman on campus and that she could hear gunshots while hiding in the bathroom.  The woman's daughter called 911 and several officers headed to the school preparing for the worst, only to discover there was no gunman and the entire situation was a prank.  54-year-old Angela Timmons was charged with disturbing a school campus, aggravated breach of peace, and two counts of unlawful use of a telephone.

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