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Bills Introduced to Address Realignment: Members of Coachella Valley law enforcement have teamed up with California State Assemblyman Manuel Perez to introduce AB 1449, one of four bills designed to address the issues surrounding prison realignment.  Reza Gostar of The Desert Sun reports that if passed, AB 1449 would allow the courts to consider an offender's full criminal history when deciding if they should be supervised at the state or county level and also allows for anyone convicted of three serious probation violations to be sentenced to one year in prison.  The bills are scheduled to be heard by the state Senate's public safety committee later this month.

Repeat Sex Offender Released from Prison: A Southern California community has become the new home for a repeat sex offender with a lengthy history of violent sexual assaults.  Sarah Wright of the Liberty Voice reports that Christopher Hubbart has been behind bars for nearly 20 years after being found guilty of violently raping more than two dozen women over the course of several years.  Hubbart has been in and out of police custody since 1972 for his repeated sexual assaults against women, he has been paroled twice before and re-offended both times less than a year after his release. 

Crime up 30 Percent in Housing Projects: Public housing developments in New York are proving to be a dangerous place to live after members of the New York Police Department report that crime has increased by 30 percent over the last five years.  Lisa Evers of Fox 5 News reports that the crime rate in public housing developments is 10 times higher than the rest of New York City, and residents say it's the living conditions and economy that are contributing to the increasing rates of crime and violence.  Reports of domestic violence assaults have also increased in the neighborhood, however, police believe that may be a response to recent awareness campaigns.

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|Repeat Sex Offender Released from Prison|
"...after being found guilty of violently raping
more than two dozen women"

-- Think India
[or colonial America]

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