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News Scan

Convicted Double-Murderer Put to Death: The state of Missouri executed 57-year-old William Rousan early Wednesday morning for his role in the 1993 murders of an elderly farming couple.  Carey Gillam of Reuters reports that Rousan, along with his son and brother, orchestrated the killings in an effort to steal the couple's cattle.  Missouri has executed one death row inmate each month since November, the next scheduled execution is set to take place May 21.

Man Wants 'Murder' Tattoo Removed Before Trial
: A Kansas man awaiting trial for first-degree murder is asking to have a tattoo with the word 'Murder' removed from his neck, fearing that the tattoo may negatively affect his case.  Jessica Chasmar of the Washington Times reports that Jeffrey Chapman's defense attorney has filed a motion asking that a tattoo artist be allowed to either remove or cover up the tattoo across his client's neck before the trial begins on Monday.  Prosecutors aren't opposed to Chapman removing the tattoo, but county police have said they will not transport the man to a tattoo parlor for removal.  State law only permits tattoo artists to work in a licensed facility- eliminating the option removing Chapman's tatoo in jail.  Prosecutors have instead suggested that Chapman cover up his neck with a bandage or some type of clothing instead. 

Georgia Law Expands Gun Rights: Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed what many are calling an 'unprecedented' bill expanding gun rights for licensed owners.  Fox News reports that the bill increases the list public places where licensed gun owners are allowed to carry guns, including bars, churches, and some government buildings.  The bill also allows for school districts to decide whether or not employees will be allowed to carry firearms under certain conditions, and eliminates the fingerprinting requirement for those renewing weapons carry licenses.

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