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News Scan

OK Supreme Court Rules Against Death Row Inmates: The Oklahoma Supreme Court has rejected two death row inmates' demands to know the source of the drugs set to be used at their upcoming executions just days after the inmates were granted a stay.  Elliot C. McLaughlin of CNN reports that both convicted murderers are now scheduled to be put to death Tuesday, making this the state's first double execution in nearly 80 years.  The state Attorney General applauded the high court's ruling, and stood by the longstanding precedent of keeping drug sources anonymous.

Holder Cancels Speech at Police Academy Graduation: Attorney General Eric Holder has cancelled a speech that he was scheduled to deliver to graduating police cadets in Oklahoma City after crowds protested his appearance.  Alana Goodman of the Washington Free Beacon reports that protest organizers felt Holder's speech to academy graduates would be "inappropriate", because the attorney general has failed in his responsibilities to uphold the law himself.  Holder made headlines recently after announcing his plan to reduce the sentences for thousands of convicted drug offenders and release them back onto the streets.

Ex-Con Arrested in Brutal Assault: A New York man recently released from prison has been arrested after authorities say he broke into an apartment and attacked three women with a hammer before stealing their belongings.  Joe Kemp of the New York Daily News reports that 29-year-old Lawrence Parsons, released from prison last month after serving a two-year sentence for attempted robbery, stole electronics from the home after hitting the women repeatedly in their heads with a hammer, fracturing  their skulls.  Lawrence was arrested for attempted murder and robbery, he's being held in county jail in lieu of $75,000 bail.

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