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News Scan

Convicted Killer Charged in Weekend Murder: An Alabama man with a lengthy criminal history including a manslaughter conviction has been arrested and charged with murder after police linked him to a recent homicide.  Carol Robinson of AL.com reports that 41-year-old Walter Rhone's criminal history dates back to the early 1990's and includes arrests for assault and attempted murder as well as multiple gun convictions, Rhone was charged with capital murder in 1998, but pled guilty instead to manslaughter and was given an eight-year sentence.  Rhone is currently being held in county jail in lieu of a $300,000 bond.

Supreme Court Considering Warrantless Cell Phone Searches
: The Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases Tuesday morning focused on whether police can execute a warrantless search on a suspect's cell phone.  The Associated Press reports that the cases involve a drug dealer and a gang member whose convictions were largely based upon evidence collected from their cell phones after their arrest.  The justices have suggested that they may vote to limit cellphone searches by allowing officers to only search for evidence related to that specific arrest.  If that is the Court's holding, both defendants would lose their appeal.

Double Execution Draws International Media Attention: Oklahoma's rare double execution scheduled to take place Tuesday evening has resulted in reporters from Japan, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands requesting to serve as media witnesses.  Ziva Branstetter of World Enterprise reports that 17 different news agencies are requesting credentials to witness the executions, but the Department of Corrections will only allow 12 media witnesses chosen by a lottery-type drawing. Barring any last minute delays, death row inmates Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner will be executed at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m, respectively.

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