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News Scan

Stay Denied for Texas Murderer: A Texas man convicted of murder and sentenced to death more than 20 years ago will be executed Tuesday after a federal judge rejected his bid for a stay of execution.  Manny Fernandez and John Schwartz of the New York Times report that attorneys for 41-year-old Robert Campbell asked for a stay after Oklahoma's botched execution a few weeks ago.  Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, opposed the stay, noting that recent problems in another state following an entirely different execution procedure have nothing to do with Texas.  Campbell was sentenced to death in 1992 for the abduction, rape, and murder of a Houston woman.

Ohio Inmate Population Increasing: The Ohio prison system is experiencing a drastic increase in inmates despite several attempts to keep inmate numbers under control through sentencing reforms which include early releases, more community rehabilitation programs, and a return to "good time" credits.  Alan Johnson of The Columbus Dispatch reports that one out of every 175 adult Ohio residents is currently incarcerated at a cost of $22,836 per inmate annually.  Prison officials anticipate population increases to continue, citing a spike in heroin cases and longer sentences for serious felonies as possible contributing factors.

Montana Death Penalty Dispute Leads to Trial: A dispute between a pair of death row inmates and Montana corrections officials will be settled in court after both sides were unable to agree on a proper execution protocol. The Associated Press reports that corrections officials in Montana changed the state's lethal injection method from a combination of three drugs to two last year. One of the drugs involved is no longer manufactured in the U.S. and can't be imported, prompting the inmate's attorneys to seek execution delays.  Montana has not executed a murderer since the protocols were changed last year.


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