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News Scan

Condemned Killer Loses Appeal: A Texas man sentenced to death for murdering his wife and two stepsons will not have his appeal considered by the state's highest court.  The Associated Press reports that 40-year-old Robert Sparks stabbed the young boys and their mother multiple times during a brutal attack in 2007.  Sparks attempted to appeal his sentence based on the claim that a witness gave false testimony during trial regarding his prison classification if the jury choose life without parole rather than a death sentence, a claim Dallas County prosecutors say simply isn't true.  Update:  The opinion is here.  This is a successive petition for writ of habeas corpus, and the court decided that Sparks does not meet the statutory criteria for a successive petition.

Pennsylvania Man Sentenced to More than 900 Years in Prison: An 81-year-old Pennsylvania criminal convicted of sexually abusing a young girl for several years has been sentenced to a prison term of 935 to 1,870 years.  The Associated Press reports that Thomas Holliday began abusing the girl when she was 14 years old and videotaped nearly every assault, he was ultimately convicted of 234 crimes in January, including hundreds of counts of creating and possessing child pornography.  The judge in the case indicated that he sentenced Holliday so severely to serve as a warning to other child predators.

CA Man Convicted in 1987 Cold Case Murder: A California man agreed to plead no-contest to a murder he committed more than 25 years ago.  DNA evidence linked him to 1987 rape and strangulation murder of 28-year-old Roshun Broadnax.  Malaika Fraley of the Oakland Tribune reports that 55-year-old Eddie Brown, a registered sex offender, was originally a suspect in the killing, but authorities were not able to find enough evidence linking him to the crime.  Oakland police reopened the case in 2012 and were able to link Brown to the murder through a DNA match to a sample collected from under the victim's fingernails.  Brown will be sentenced in September to 25 years to life in prison.

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