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Tactics of the Anti-Death Penalty Crowd

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Ann Coulter has a second column in two weeks focused on how the media reports death penalty cases.  This week she goes after the New York Times and its touting of a study which found that 4% of condemned murderers have been falsely convicted.   The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science used statistical analysis to come up with the 4% estimate.  As Coulter notes the media takes this estimate and transforms it into "4% of people on death row are innocent" and if you disagree you must hate science.  She also talks about the remarkably biased reporting surrounding the 2011 execution of Troy Davis, which suggested that he was "very possibly innocent."     

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The abolitionists should be able to take solace knowing that the VA has already killed more innocent people than decades of the death penalty.

Of course, a substantial percentage of abolitionists would probably argue with me about categorizing veterans as "innocent people."

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