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Terrorist Convicted in NYC

A federal jury convicted  Mustafa Kamel Mustafa this afternoon of providing material support to terrorism.  The story is here.

This is not the time to debate whether the trial should have been before a military tribunal; instead, it's the time to congratulate the US Attorney's Office for putting this menace away.  He will never see daylight again.

It is the time, however, to anticipate the defense bar's wailing that his conviction reflects erosion of the First Amendment, American paranoia after 9-11, and Islamophobia.  And no, I'm not saying he had no right to a defense; of course he had that right.  What I'm saying is that the rest of us have at least an equal right to criticize pure baloney, especially when we're paying for it.  The First Amendment exists for more than just Jihadists.

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