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The War Against Women, California Style

Christopher Evan Hubbart violently raped 40 or so women starting in the 1970's. Eventually, the system took it seriously enough to send him off to a mental hospital. Now, over the state's objections, he has been ordered released by a California judge.

This is not a new story for C&C.  Hubbart was first covered in the News Scan nine months ago.  What drew my attention to the case was today's story on Fox News, which contains the following two sentences (emphasis added):

Hubbart will wear a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week GPS monitor on his ankle and will be accompanied by security people every time he goes out in public for the first six months to a year of his release, [L.A. County District Attorney Jackie] Lacey said. He will be transported to therapy sessions twice a week.

There are really no words to describe a legal system so vacant, so deluded, and so oblivious to the well-being of future victims, that it pretends this man's behavior is going to be changed by "therapy."


First and foremost, the job of the prison system is to keep people not in prison safe.

If a guy is so dangerous as to require security to provide us with that safety, then he never should have been released in the first place.

... a legal system so vacant, so deluded,.....................

to think that a GPS monitor on his ankle provides even a scintilla of public protection from this guy.

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