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The Wonders of Rehab

I have frequently posted about the joke called "rehab."  The unending story of Lindsay Lohan is a rehab lesson unto itself, see my posts here, here and here, among numerous others.  

"Rehab" is the defense bar's version of "sentencing."  Some judges buy it because they think the jails are overstuffed; some because they genuinely think the defendant could benefit; and many because they refuse to see reality, or prefer not to.

The latest rehab joke comes from Toronto's version of Hollywood silliness, Mayor Rob Ford. Like many in Hollywood, the Mayor likes his crack cocaine, and would like to convince his constituents that rehab is the answer.  And it is an answer, of sorts.

From USA Today:

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he is in rehab and enjoying it..."Rehab is amazing," Ford told The Toronto Sun....He compared it to the Washington Redskins camp he went to as a boy.

Would readers please take up a collection so I can go to rehab, too?


I would love to start the collection - are you a golfer, if so the Betty Ford clinic in Rancho Mirage is probably your speed. Or if you prefer scenic views, Promises in Malibu might be the way to go. The cost for a 31-day stay at Promises is $90,000 so it might take awhile to raise the funds....

That is most generous of you. I have the feeling, however, that eventually there will be enough on the collection plate for me to take a bus to the Jack-in-the-Box in Burbank.

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