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Vocations that Lead to Jail

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Having been a federal prosecutor in the Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations; and having become increasingly curious about the culture and sociology of crime, I was trying to figure out the other day which vocation is the surest route to jail.  The three that came to mind are below.  See if you can guess:

a)  Be a smack pusher.
b)  Be a coke pusher.
c)  Be a car thief.

None of those has anywhere close to a 50% chance of getting you thrown in jail. I very much doubt that anywhere close to 50% of any of them even wind up in an arrest.

Nope, the vocation that gives you the best chance of going to jail is being Governor of Illinois. Four of the last seven (Otto Kerner, Dan Walker, George Ryan, and Rod Blagojevich) went to jail for various kinds of corruption.

As the Washington Post explained:

Illinois's governor problem has always stemmed from Chicago. It's a city widely recognized as still clinging to the corrupt Democratic machine of old, which revolved around Mayor Richard J. Daley (D). (His son, Richard M. Daley (D), was just replaced as mayor by Democratic former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.)

An old joke goes that former president John F. Kennedy, former president Lyndon Johnson, and former Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley are stuck on a one-person life raft that is sinking, and they have a secret ballot to decide who should stay. When the ballot box is opened, there's one vote for Kennedy, one vote for Johnson, and 5,475 for Daley.

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Good one.
Even though he had died in a plane crash 3 weeks prior to the election,
voters gave deceased Democrat candidate Mel Carnahan the victory
for a US Senate seat from Missouri in 2000.

When I asked my friend Mike how a man known to be dead could be elected,
he sanguinely quipped that dead people had been voting for Democrats
for years, and now they finally had someone to represent them.

~ Adamakis

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