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Helping Terrorists By Laughing at the Law, Part II

It's difficult to imagine an episode in which the President's disregard of a major national security law he signed last year is the least important part of the story, but Obama has pulled it off in his terror-abetting deal that will bring home Sgt. Bergdahl.

Paul Mirengoff leaves nothing to the imagination in his Powerline piece, in which he notes, inter alia:

Nearly all of the exceptional elements of Obamaism are present. The president appeases a deadly enemy (recall his statement that he hopes through the exchange to gain the trust of the Taliban); makes life more dangerous for an ally we are about to abandon (Afghanistan will bear the brunt of the terrorism unleashed by the five Taliban commanders); and disregards American law (which required him to consult with Congress). Moreover, he does all of this on behalf of an anti-American deserter and his jihadist-sympathizing father.

You couldn't make this up.

At the end of the piece, Paul quotes me asking what more Obama can do to damage the country.  Of course I don't know exactly, but there are those thousands of heroin pushers yet to get their promised clemency....


I have said my piece. I look forward morbidly to whole story coming out.

Love this blog.

My question pertains to qualified immunity. I'm not an attorney but love watching what goes on in SCOTUS. It seems that qualified immunity has been getting weaker and weaker over the years. Since this action has been deemed illegal by many, what protection does POTUS have should family members of anyone killed by any of these released 5 decide to file a civil suit?

6/3 @ 10:36:

Not sure where you're getting the idea that qualified immunity is getting weaker. The immunity claimants are winning pretty much all the cases at the Supreme Court.

Chances of a civil suit against the President for an action such as this succeeding are, IHMO, zilch.

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