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Meanwhile, Where's Valerie Plame Now That We Need Her?

Among preparing for the Over-Criminalization Task Force hearing, following the fabricated waiting list scandal at the VA, and now trying to keep up with the numerous lies being peddled about the release of the Taliban All-Terror Team, I've neglected to mention one quite important story.  It's the kind of story that, in days of yore (to wit, during George Bush's presidency) was the focus of a great deal of outrage in the press, an extensive grand jury investigation, and eventually the conviction of the Vice President's chief of staff.

The current story is of the White House's leaking the name of the Afghanistan CIA station chief.  The Administration's version is that it was "inadvertent," and I lack any evidence to say otherwise.  Still, it's odd that this gross security breach is being investigated by  --  no, not the FBI  --  Obama's hand-picked in-house Counsel.

The CIA's Afghanistan station chief is in the middle of a war zone and is, to say the least, a juicy target for the Taliban.  By contrast, when Richard Armitage leaked the name of Valarie Plame, a CIA desk jockey sitting in her plush office in Langley, Virginia, the MSM went berserk.  Armitage was never indicted, but Scooter Libby was.  Libby was convicted and sentenced to a stiff fine and jail. President Bush commuted the jail term, however, after an op-ed in the Washington Post argued that this was the just outcome.

Without saying more for the moment, I cannot help but be amazed by the forgiving, if not dismissive, attitude the press has taken toward the more recent and very dangerous CIA outing, compared with the savage attitude it took toward the comparatively inconsequential Valarie Plame case.

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