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News Scan

FL High Court Upholds Death Penalty Law: The Florida Supreme Court has ruled in favor of upholding a law designed at expediting executions for death row inmates.  The Associated Press reports that the court unanimously decided to uphold the "Timely Justice Act", a law which was passed in 2013 in response to criticism that some condemned murderers had been on death row for decades.  The law requires stricter timeframes for appeals and created reporting requirements on case progress.

Ohio Man Convicted in Mass Killing: A 22-year-old Ohio man may face the death penalty after a jury found him guilty of murdering four people in a townhome last year.  The Associated Press reports that Derrick Brantley was found guilty on multiple charges of aggravated murder, aggravated robbery and kidnapping-prosecutors say Brantley shot each of the four victims in the head at close range in what appears to have been a drug-related robbery.  Brantley's co-defendant has pleaded not guilty and is set to begin trial July 2.

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