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News Scan

Ex-Con Suspected in Priest Murder: A habitual criminal released from an Arizona prison seven weeks ago has been arrested for the murder a priest and the brutal assault of another.  D.S. Woodfill of The Republic reports that Gary Moran was wanted by police officers after a meeting with his parole officer when he attacked a priest with a two-foot iron bar and fatally shot another priest in what police believe was a random attack.  Moran had been sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2005 for an aggravated assault charge, but was released after serving 85 percent of his sentence.  

Realignment to Blame for Crime Increase: A Northern California police chief is cited Governor Brown's prison Realignment law as the possible cause for his city's increase in crime this year.  Ann Notarangelo of CBS Bay Area reports that Concord Police Chief Guy Swanger noted that his city has experienced an 82% increase in auto thefts and a 69%  increase in property theft so far this year.  Both crimes are considered to be non-violent, non-serious and non-sexual under Realignment often resulting in offenders being released hours after their arrest. Police agencies across the state are attempting to prevent skyrocketing crime as a result of the revolving door for habitual criminals cause by this misguided law.   

CA Juvenile Rape Bill Stalls in Assembly: A California bill aimed at toughening penalties for juveniles who commit sex crimes has stalled in the state's Assembly Public Safety Committee despite being passed in the Senate.  Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee reports that Senate Bill 838, also known as Audrie's Law, would create a mandatory two-year sentence for juveniles convicted of sex crimes, including offenses such as having sex with an unconscious or disabled person and disseminating photos of sex crime victims on the internet or through social media.  The law is named for a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide last year after photos of her naked, unconscious body were circulated online and through text messages.  The three 16-year-olds involved in the assault were given only a few weeks in juvenile detention.

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