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News Scan

Convicted Killer set to be Executed: A Florida man sentenced to death nearly 20 years ago is set to be executed Thursday evening.  The Associated Press reports that 45-year-old Eddie Wayne Davis was sentenced to death in 1995 for the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl.  Yesterday, Florida's Supreme Court denied Davis' final appeal seeking to delay the execution based on the claim that a possible blood disorder may interact with the lethal injection drugs and cause him extreme pain.

Study: When Concealed Carry Permits Rise, Murder Rates Drop: According to a study conducted by the Crime Prevention Research Center, as the number of Americans allowed to carry concealed weapons increases, the rate of murder and violent crime decreases.  Fox News reports that the increase in concealed carry permits has risen by 146%, while the murder and violent crime rate has dropped by 22%.  The study concludes that since more people are allowed to carry concealed weapons criminal behavior has changed out of fear that their potential victims may be armed.  Earlier this year, Illinois became the 50th state to start issuing concealed carry permits.

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