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News Scan

Update: Missouri Execution Delayed: A federal judge has granted a stay of execution for convicted triple-murderer John Middleton.  Carey Gillam of Reuters reports that Middleton, who was scheduled to be executed at 12:01 a.m.. Wednesday, was granted the last minute stay in response to claims made that he is not competent enough to be executed.  Middleton has been granted a hearing in order to present evidence pertaining to his mental status. 

Wisconsin: Repeat DUI Offenders to Serve Time in Prison: In a ruling handed down by Wisconsin's state Supreme Court, judges will now be required to sentence chronic drunken drivers to at least three years behind bars.  The Associated Press reports that the law affects those convicted of their seventh, eighth or ninth DUI offense and mandates a minimum three-year sentence.  The sentencing structure mirrors the state's system of gradually increasing punishment for chronic offenders.

Judge Denies Convicted Murderer's Appeal: An Alabama man convicted of murdering his one-time friend and sentenced to life in prison will remain behind bars after the state's Court of Criminal Appeals denied his request to reverse his conviction.  Michael Dumas of AL.com reports that 27-year-old Brandon Estle beat his victim to death in October 2012 before stuffing his body in a toolbox and hiding the storage container on property owned by Estle's parents.  It is believed that Estle, a known drug user, owed the victim several hundred dollars and killed him over a loan.

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