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News Scan

NJ Lawmaker Seeks to Restore Death Penalty: After this weekend's killing of a New Jersey police officer, a state lawmaker is pushing to restore the death penalty for individuals convicted of killing police.  The Associated Press reports that Assemblyman Ron Dancer is pushing lawmakers to reinstate the death penalty as punishment not only for police officer killings, but for those convicted in child murders and murders committed by terrorists as well.  New Jersey voted to abolish the death penalty in 2007.

TN Woman Convicted Under new Drug Law: A Tennessee woman was ordered to spend 12 years behind bars after being convicted under a new law that allows judges to send expectant mothers who use drugs while pregnant to prison.  News Channel 9 reports that 27-year-old Lacey Weld was sentenced to more than twelve years in prison and five years of probation after being convicted of both using and manufacturing methamphetamine while in her ninth month of pregnancy.  Weld also plead guilty in 2013 to federal charges of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine.

OK Lawmaker to Explore Other Methods of Execution: A study conducted by an Oklahoma lawmaker will examine different methods of execution, and possibly recommend that the state bring back the firing squad, hangings and the electric chair.  Brian Shlonsky of KOCO reports that Rep. Mike Christian will look at current execution protocols, procedures and alternatives as well as exploring the idea of allowing members of the victim's family to have a say on how the inmate is executed. Christian got involved with death penalty reform after this year's botched execution in Oklahoma.  He was quoted as saying; "People say that Clayton Lockett suffered, but people tend to forget about the victim."

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