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Recently Released Immigrant Accused of Murder: A Guatemalan immigrant, released by immigration officials after entering the country illegally last month, has been arrested and charged with murder after authorities say he killed his girlfriend Sunday in Louisiana.  Alicia A. Caldwell of the Associated Press reports that 43-year-old Pedro Monterroso was released by immigration authorities on June 26 after it was determined that he had no criminal history or gang affiliation and was issued a notice to report back once he got settled in the U.S.  Monterroso's girlfriend had also entered the country illegally earlier this year, but had successfully followed up with immigration authorities after settling in Louisiana.

Families Outraged Over Juvenile Parole Bill
: Families of murder victims in Massachusetts are outraged after lawmakers announced plans to water down parole guidelines for juveniles convicted of first-degree murder.  Christian M. Wade of Newbury Port News reports that the new legislation would make juveniles convicted of first-degree murder eligible for parole after serving 20 to 30 years behind bars.  The law would only affect murderers convicted after the new legislation is enacted.

Gang Members Lead Police on Deadly Chase: Three men led Stockton, CA police officers on an hour-long chase after authorities say they robbed a bank, took three women hostage and fired shots at responding officers.  Sarah Heise of KCRA reports that by the end of the pursuit, two of the robbers and one hostage were killed.  The third robber was arrested and the two surviving hostages were hospitalized.  All three of the robbers were known gang members, two of which had prior convictions for narcotics, firearms and domestic violence.

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