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News Scan

AZ Murderer Granted Stay of Execution: A federal appeals court has ruled to delay an Arizona man's execution until prison officials reveal details on the two-drug protocol to be used to put him to death.  Jacques Billeaud and Andrew Dalton of the Associated Press report that Joseph Wood's attorneys argued that the murderer's First Amendment rights were violated when officials refused to disclose the source of the drugs and how they would be administered.  Wood was sentenced to death for the 1989 murders of his estranged girlfriend and her father, he was originally scheduled to be executed Wednesday afternoon.

Thousands of Drug Felons set to be Released: The U.S. Sentencing Commission has unanimously voted in favor of retroactively reducing prison sentences for more than 46,000 drug offenders currently serving time behind bars.  Eric Tucker of the Associated Press reports that tens of thousands of these inmates may now be eligible for early release in what officials are calling a 'cost-cutting' proposal aimed at reducing the nation's prison population.  The releases would begin happening in November 2015 and continue on for a period of years.

FL High Court Debates New Juvenile Sentencing Law: Florida's Supreme Court is debating whether or not a new law changing the state's juvenile sentencing guidelines should apply retroactively.  Margie Menzel of The News Service of Florida reports that the new law, HB 7035, which went into effect July 1, requires a hearing in cases involving juvenile murderers facing a life sentence to determine if that sentence is appropriate.  If the life sentence is determined inappropriate, the murderer can  instead by sentenced to a minimum of 35 years in prison.

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