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News Scan

Prosecutor Challenges Early Release of Inmates: An Ohio prosecutor has issued a court challenge against a policy that allows prison directors to recommend to judges the early release of certain offenders, calling it a violation of separation of powers.  Andrew Welsh-Huggins of the Associated Press reports that Prosecutor Mark Kuhn is challenging a law that allows the Ohio prisons chief to recommend early release for inmates that have served at least 80% of their sentence. The law was adopted in 2011 as an attempt to save money by reducing the number of 'low-level' offenders behind bars.  In the last two years, judges have granted early release to 94 of the 414 eligible offenders.

Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit Believes Death Penalty is Needed: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Alex Kozinski stands by his belief that the death penalty is a necessary form of punishment, and suggests that using a firing squad may be the best method.  Pat Morrison of the Los Angeles Times reports that Kozinski acknowledges the issues surrounding lethal injections, saying he never believed using lethal drugs was a good idea for executions.  Kozinski believes support for the death penalty in America is as strong as ever, however, he says the process needs to be fixed.  

Prisoner Convicted in Cellmate's Death: A California man with an extensive history of violent assaults behind bars has been convicted in the murder of his cellmate nearly ten years ago.  KION News reports that 48-year-old David Gomez strangled and beat his cellmate to death in 2005 while already serving a 91-year sentence for forcible rape and burglary.  Along with the murder conviction, Gomez was also convicted of two more attacks on inmates in 2009 and faces a maximum sentence of three consecutive life terms.

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