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The Opposition's All-Star Lineup

"Thank God for your enemies" is one of many wise lessons my father taught me.

I give special thanks to them today, reminded to do so by Doug Berman's post, "Former Rep. (and former felon) Duke Cunningham now says "my Democrat colleagues were right and I was wrong on some issues as far as criminal justice." The post sets forth the deep thoughts of Mr. Cunningham  --  a Republican ex-con who was given an eight year prison term for selling his office  --  on the numerous and flagrant deficiencies of the criminal justice system.

Other Republicans who have made the New Enlightenment All-Star team include fellow ex-cons Bernie Kerik and George Ryan

I wonder if it ever occurs to our friends on the other side to reflect on the astounding self-servingness of a bunch of corrupt officials ruminating on how they suddenly became victims of The Fascist Prosecution because  --  ready now?  -- their years of corruption got exposed and punished.  I also wonder if it occurs to our friends to ask themselves how these people, principally by virtue of hubris, self-justification and self-pity, became experts on the criminal justice system, positioned to lecture the rest of us on its flaws.  Finally, I wonder if any thinking has been done about what it means that people of this sort have to be enlisted in the flagging campaign for sentencing "reform."

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