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Washington Supreme Court Reverses Another Absurd Order in the McEnroe/Anderson Case

Today the Washington Supreme Court entered the following order in State v. McEnroe and Anderson:

On June 26, 2014, the Court heard oral argument in this case on review of the King County Superior Court's January 31, 2014, order ruling that if the State wishes to continue to pursue the death penalty in these prosecutions for aggravated first degree murder, it must amend the informations to allege that there are insufficient mitigating circumstances to merit leniency, and that if the State does not amend the informations, the superior court will entertain defendant Joseph McEnroe's motion to plead guilty to aggravated first degree murder without the death penalty. In light of the nature of this action, the Court has determined that the case should be decided expeditiously, by this order, with explanatory opinions to be filed in due course.

The Court having unanimously voted in favor of the following:

Now, therefore, it is hereby


The King County Superior Court's January 31, 2014, order is reversed. The State's request that the cases be assigned to a different department of the superior court is denied.
How many stupid orders, demonstrating that the judge is determined to obstruct the death penalty no matter what, does a trial judge have to enter before the appellate court removes him?  See prior post last year.

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