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Executions and Pentobarbital, Cont.

Jim Salter reports for AP:

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Despite a shortage of lethal-injection drugs, two of the nation's most active death penalty states have quietly carried on with executions by turning to pentobarbital, a powerful sedative that generally puts inmates to death swiftly and without complications.

Missouri and Texas have avoided the prolonged executions seen in other states where authorities are struggling to find a reliable chemical combination. The drug's apparent effectiveness raises questions about why it has not been more widely adopted.

"There is a better drug, and that better drug is pentobarbital," said Kent Scheidegger, legal director of the pro-death penalty Criminal Justice Legal Foundation.

Curious that the story says "raises questions" and quotes me on another point but leaves out my explanation of why more states aren't using pentobarbital -- the opponents have created an artificial shortage by harassing the suppliers.  The problematic executions conducted with midazolam are entirely the fault of the death penalty opponents.

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