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Missouri Execution

Worthington v. Roper, 631 F.3d 487, 492 (CA8 2011):

On the night of September 29, 1995, [Michael] Worthington broke into [Melinda] Griffin's St. Charles County condominium. He used a razor blade to cut through the screen in the kitchen window and confronted Griffin in her bedroom. After strangling her into unconsciousness, Worthington raped Griffin with such force that he [caused severe physical injuries]. Griffin regained consciousness during the rape and attempted to fight Worthington, but he beat her and strangled her again, this time killing her. He then stole her jewelry, credit cards, mobile phone, keys, and car.
Guilt was confirmed by DNA and by Worthington's possession of Ms. Griffin's jewelry and keys.  He also confessed.  The judgment was affirmed on direct appeal in State v. Worthington, 8 S.W.3d 83 (Mo. 1999).

For a case with no question of guilt to drag on for another 15 years after the direct appeal is a travesty, but long-overdue justice is finally scheduled for tonight.  Carey Gillam has this story for Reuters noting the scrutiny of this execution after the Wood execution in Arizona.  But Missouri still has pentobarbital, the superior drug for this purpose as noted here and here.

Update:  Jim Suhr of AP has this story on the last-minute appeals.

Update 2: Susan Weich of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has this article on Mindy Griffin and her parents, Carol and Jack Angelbeck.

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