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News Scan

Ohio Death Penalty Moratorium Extended Until 2015: A federal judge has ruled in favor of extending a temporary moratorium on executions in Ohio until January 15, 2015.  Jeremy Pelzer of the Northeast Ohio Media Group reports that the extension will allow the state to have more time to implement new lethal injection procedures.  The time extension will delay four scheduled executions, the state's high court has yet to announce when those executions will be rescheduled.

CA Governor Reverses Parole Decision: California Governor Jerry Brown has reversed a state parole board decision to grant parole to convicted killer and former Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis.  Westside Today reports that this is the third time Davis has been recommended for parole and later rejected, Governor Brown has rejected him twice and Arnold Schwarzenegger also reversed his parole decision in 2010.  Davis was convicted of murdering two men in 1969 and was sentenced to life behind bars.

OK Sets Execution Dates for Convicted Killers: Three Oklahoma men convicted of murder and sentenced to death have been scheduled to be executed within a four-week period later this year.  The Associated Press reports that the state's execution protocols are currently under review after the so-called  'botched' execution of Clayton Lockett earlier this year.  The state Attorney General has announced that no execution will take place until their investigation is complete.  Several other states around the country have been forced to reevaluate execution protocols after a lethal injection drug shortage, caused by death penalty opponents, forced them to explore other execution methods. 

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