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Judge Calls 600 Potential Jurors in Death Penalty Case: A Denver, Colorado judge has announced plans to assemble a pool of 600 potential jurors for the upcoming death penalty trial against a man accused of stabbing five people to death in a bar nearly two years ago.  Jordan Steffen of The Denver Post reports that 24-year-old Dexter Lewis faces 16 counts, including robbery, arson, and first-degree murder, for the October 2012 attack that left five people dead.  This will be the first time since 2001 that Denver prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.  Attorneys will begin questioning potential jurors in January 2015.

NY Judges to Hear Child-Immigrant Cases: Beginning today, New York City immigration judges will start hearing requests for asylum made by thousands of children who have illegally entered the U.S.  Marisa Schultz of the New York Post reports that on average, New York City immigration judges are the most lenient in the country, granting 80% of requests made by asylum seekers—a number much higher than the national average of 50%.  Since October 2013, an estimated 63,000 children have entered the U.S. illegally, resulting in what many are calling an immigration crisis.

Police Make Arrest in 30-Year-Old Cold Case: Authorities have arrested a Minnesota man in connection with a murder that took place in Texas more than 30 years ago.  Tim Lammers of Bring Me The News reports that the 53-year-old suspect is believed to have stabbed San Antonio businessman Francisco Narvaez to death in a hotel room in September 1983.  Authorities re-opened the case in 2011 and enlisted the help of the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation.  The suspect is expected to be extradited to Oklahoma and faces charges for second-degree murder and being a fugitive.

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The New York City immigration judge appointed to hear this "rocket docket" of asylum seekers has an approval rate of 88%. Los Angeles and Houston have approval rates of 40% and 30% respectively.

Where is the concern of progressives over this rank disparity.

Unfortunately, America is well on its way to becoming the refugee camp for the world.

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