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News Scan

Bill Would Incarcerate Up More 'Low-Level' Felons: Ohio Attorney General candidate David Pepper has announced his support for a bill that would give judges more leeway when it comes to sentencing low-level felons.  Jeremy Pelzer of the Northeast Ohio Media Group reports that House Bill 251 would allow judges to send so-called 'low-level' felons to prison rather than probation for repeat offenses.  The bill is primarily aimed at drug dealers who carry slightly less than the amount of drugs the law requires to charge as possession for sale, in order to avoid prison and continue dealing while on probation.    

Convicted Killer Identified as Murder Suspect: Authorities in Colorado have announced that an inmate killed earlier this week was beaten to death by two other inmates, one of which is already serving a life sentence for murder.  Chris Vanderveen of KUSA reports that the other inmate involved in the killing is currently serving a 48 year sentence for an attempted murder conviction.  This is the sixth killing at this particular Colorado corrections facility since 2010.

New Hampshire Murderer Sentenced to Life: A New Hampshire judge has sentenced 31-year-old Seth Mazzaglia to life behind bars for his role in the rape and murder of a college student in 2012.  The Associated Press reports that Mazzaglia was convicted in June of first-degree murder and other serious felonies, and given the non-death penalty state's maximum sentence of LWOP.   Mazzaglia filed a motion earlier this week asking to skip his sentencing hearing in an effort to avoid listening to the victim's family impact statements, but the judge denied his request.   

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