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Nixon in 2016?

Now here's an intriguing thought. Paul Kane and Robert Costa have this article in the WaPo on the possible impact of the Ferguson debacle on the possible 2016 ambitions of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.
The new attention comes just weeks after Nixon, 58, stoked rumors that he wants to be considered for the 2016 national ticket with a visit to Iowa and a trip to Colorado to huddle with major Democratic donors. But instead of ending the summer with more meetings and out of state travel, Nixon is hunkered down in Missouri and struggling to avert disaster for both his constituents and his own political career.
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His defenders, a small but loyal band who've largely known him for decades, say that he is making the best of a bad situation, coordinating with officials on what needs to be done. The governor's critics in his own party are "crying now and they were crying before it happened," state Rep. Tommie Pierson (D), chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus, said Monday. "There is a lot of politics going on, a lot of people trying to take advantage. But I don't think his career is damaged, at least not right now. He has handled this as well as he could."
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Despite a record and a reputation some regard as too moderate for the base of the Democratic Party, Nixon has occasionally been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate, with several Democratic operatives describing him as an appealing if staid Midwestern figure in a party full of telegenic upstarts from the coasts.
I was not aware that Nixon was considering a run, but I find it very interesting.  There hasn't been a strong pro-law-enforcement contender for the Democratic nomination since ... um ... er ... give me a minute .. well, a very long time.

CJLF is a nonpartisan organization and does not endorse candidates.  Personally, I generally find myself voting a straight Republican ticket because Republicans are almost invariably the better choice on the issues I care most about, including public safety and national defense.  Almost.  If it really comes down to Nixon v. Paul in 2016, I'll be voting for the Democrat for the first time in, well, a very long time.

It's not likely, though.  "Too moderate for the base" is probably an understatement.


Policy aside, "Nixon For President" campaign buttons won't exactly win over "the base" either.


Clearly he is toast. He wanted to assuage his black constituents, but failed on accepting the rioting. If he was a leader, rather than a politician, he would have sent in the Guard the second night, flooded the area with Guardsmen with fixed bayonets, then been hailed as the savior by a white constituency. But instead he chose to vasilate and is now seen as a failure.

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