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What's at the Bottom of the Perry Indictment?

Steve Hayward on Powerline writes:

[L]et's not move on before taking in the proximate cause of political dispute, the conduct of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, who ironically runs the "public integrity section" of the DA's office while obviously having no public integrity whatsoever.  If you have 15 minutes of leisure and a strong threshold against disgust, take in these two videos of Ms. Lehmberg in action, first in her DUI stop (where her blood-alcohol level was .23), and then, even better, her appalling jailhouse behavior.

The videos are available here, in Steve's post.  They're quite a show.

There are some bad apples in the prosecutorial barrel, as in every other. Since Lehmberg is an elected prosecutor (having defeated the astonishing former "judge" Charlie Baird), the preferred way to remove her is through the exercise of political, not judicial, power. That of course is exactly what Gov. Perry was doing in vetoing a multi-million dollar appropriation for her office until it had cleansed itself of the stain that comes from having an out-of-control drunk and jailbird convict at its head.

If the Governor's veto is a criminal offense, I am Lynne Stewart.

I repeat my earlier prediction:  This indictment will never make it to a jury.

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