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About that Police "Militarization"....

Those who want to lecture us about the "lessons of Ferguson" without waiting to find out what actually happened there have opened a related front calling for disarming demilitarizing the police.

This YouTube film of the London police in full fight from a mob of radical Muslims gives an eye-opening, if appalling, preview of what things will be like if the attack on the police succeeds.


This seems like a false choice. The video is poor but it looks like the police are not armed at all. There is an enormous amount of room in between.

I personally do not even have a problem with the police using military equipment and techniques when called for (violent protests).

The issue I do have is police using Humvees, SWAT, and flash grenades to serve a warrant on someone with no history of violence.

A false choice???? You might have a point. I may have been watching too many press conferences by our President (e.g., "I'm for providing health care for our citizens, while some in Congress want to do nothing..."), etc., et al.

There is a point behind my entry, however. The call for "demilitarization," like the call for legalizing dope or for "smarter sentencing," is just the first move in a concealed game. Legalizing dope is the stalking horse for legalizing all drugs, and "smarter sentencing" is the stalking horse for the end of punishment altogether, in favor of a "we-owe-them-public-services" approach to criminals.

Ditto, in my view, with "demilitarization" meme. Soon enough it will be -- exactly as you point out -- that American police should be stripped of side arms, just as the British police are.

I've been inside the Beltway too long to be fooled into thinking that the opening gambit is what's really going on.

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