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Eric Holder Leaves

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It is by now old news (about six hours old) that Eric Holder will step down upon confirmation of a successor.

There is much to be said about Holder's stewardship of DOJ, and I'll have some observations in the offing.  His single most memorable moment, I thought, was his statement that the American people are cowards for refusing to talk candidly about race.

There are three things wrong with that statement.  First, it's false.  The American people are not cowards.  Second, not only does race get talked about, it gets talked about obsessively.  This is true in particular of those who want to provoke anger among Obama's voting base (election in six weeks, dontcha know) and guilt among the rest of us, thus to drain the moral confidence we need to enforce our law and keep the country safe.  Last, to the extent honesty is missing from the conversation, it's because Holder's Political Correctness Police in academia and the press can't jump fast enough to shout "racist" at anyone who disagrees with them.

1 Comment

The rule of law was always subordinate to Holder's promotion of his own partisan, progressive agenda. No more damaging indictment can be levied against one who carries the mantle of the "highest law enforcement officer in the land."

History will judge him harshly.

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