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"Mr. Death Penalty"

The National Journal has an article titled, "Mr. Death Penalty," which describes the work of CJLF's own Kent Scheidegger.  Kent will be too modest to post about it himself, so I thought I would let you know.

The article is not a puff piece  --  there's nothing like the giddy, gushing tone you'd see if it were about "Mr. Abolitionist."  But it's reasonably fair-minded as these things go, and does not portray Kent as Satan.  Unfortunately, it doesn't go nearly far enough in describing the extent of either his fair-mindedness or his astonishing analytical abilities, which are as good as any I've seen in the legal profession.

Congratulations to Kent and CJLF for getting some overdue recognition as the country's leading advocate for what is, in some cases, the only punishment that even resembles justice.

[Ed. note:  I have updated this to give the National Journal link].

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