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Ohio Schedules Execution Dates: The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction has set execution dates for several convicted killers.  To date six murderers will be executed in 2015 with five more carried out 2016.  Alan Johnson of the Columbus Dispatch reports that the state was forced to revise its execution schedule after a federal judge postponed executions in September, October, and November in order to address a dispute over lethal-injection procedures.  The last murderer executed in Ohio was Dennis McGuire on January 16, 2014.

Victim's Family Outraged Over Trial Delays: A California family is frustrated by trial delays for the man accused of killing their son more than four years ago.  Jeremiah Dobruck of the Los Angeles Times reports that the accused killer, Daniel Wozniak, allegedly confessed to killing Sam Herr and his college tutor in 2010, but the trail has been delayed several times for several reasons including the defense attorney's heavy workload and requests to postpone court proceedings.  It is believed that Wozniak killed Herr in order steal a large amount of money from his savings account.  

Bill to Increase Punishment for Overdose Deaths: Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has announced plans to support a bill to increase penalties for drug dealers found guilty of contributing to overdose deaths.  The Associated Press reports that the legislation calls for sentencing dealers to life with parole after serving 25 years for adult overdose victims and life with parole after 30 years for juvenile victims.  The Governor believes the bill will deter drug dealers and help combat the state's opiate addiction crisis. 

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