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News Scan

Cop Killer Eligible for Parole: A North Carolina man sentenced to life in 1982 for murdering a police officer may be released from prison in as little as two months if the state's parole board decides that he is no longer a threat to public safety.  WRAL News reports that 64-year-old Bobby Smith shot the officer twice in the head as he was responding to a disturbance call.  Smith plead guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole.  The officer's family along with the state Attorney General have asked the parole board not to release Smith. A decision is expected to be made in the coming weeks.

FL to Seek Death Penalty for Triple-Murder Suspect: Prosecutors in Panama City, Florida have announced plans to seek the death penalty against triple-homicide suspect Derrick Thompson.  Zack McDonald of the News Herald reports that Thompson is believed to have killed three people in July, including a former Sheriff's Officer.  Thompson allegedly confessed to all three murders upon his arrest, but recently plead not guilty to all charges.  A trial date has not been set. 

Charges Filed in Cold Case Murder: A Texas man has been identified as the main suspect in a murder that took place more than two decades ago.  KCBD News reports that authorities believe 44-year-old Joseph Jeffrey is responsible for the beating death of a man in February 1991.  Jeffrey has a lengthy criminal background and has faced several serious charges in the past including assault and driving under the influence.

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