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News Scan

Teen Rapist Sentenced to 100 Years to Life: A California teen who repeatedly raped a store clerk in October 2013 has been sentenced to 100 years to life in state prison.  CBS Los Angeles reports that 19-year-old Joseph Amaya approached the victim and unsuccessfully tried to get her phone number, he returned a few hours later and dragged the woman by her hair to the back of the store and repeatedly sexually assaulted her.  Amaya was found guilty of two counts of forcible rape, two counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object and one count of assault with intent to commit a felony

Pennsylvania High Court Supports Murderer's  Death Sentence: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled in favor of upholding the death penalty for a man convicted of murder in May 2010.  Matt Miller of Penn Live reports that 25-year-old Jakeem L. Towles challenged his sentence based on the claim that prosecutors had intentionally kept black and Hispanic females out of the potential jury pool and that a defense expert should have been allowed to testify about his intoxication level at the time of the murder. 

Convicted Murderer Sentenced to Life: A Michigan man convicted of stabbing a woman to death in front of her young children has been sentenced to life behind bars.  The Associated Press reports that 36-year-old Stanley Harrison stabbed the woman multiple times in her front yard just three days after being released from prison for a robbery conviction.  A life sentence was the harshest penalty the judge could hand down as the state of Michigan does not have the death penalty.

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