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No on Proposition 47

Proposition 47 on California's ballot would reduce a potload of felonies to misdemeanors.  The District Attorney of San Francisco is a sponsor.  On the other side of the Bay, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley is against it.  She has this op-ed in the SF Chron:

Vote NO on Proposition 47. It is a Trojan horse. Under the guise of protecting schools and neighborhoods, Prop. 47 turns certain crimes into misdemeanors and exposes Californians to significant harm. For instance, Prop. 47 makes possession of date-rape drugs into a misdemeanor at a time when we're combatting sexual assault on college campuses. Too many people fall prey to identity theft. By reducing the crime of identity theft to a misdemeanor, Prop. 47 carries neither consequence to the thief nor relief to the victims, who are forever haunted by the aftermath of the crime.

All communities struggle with gun violence. Stolen guns are often used to commit violent offenses, shootings and murders. Too many children and innocent bystanders have died from gunfire. Stealing a firearm, under Prop. 47, would be only a misdemeanor. That reduction does nothing to ensure safe neighborhoods or create safe schools.


It is sad to say this isn't the worst proposition on the ballot. That honor is bestowed upon Prop 46. Any for all of us California voters, here is the November 2014 Ballot Lineup -


The way to get rid of crime is easy: Create a new official definition where crime is defined to be not crime.

Wasn't that quick!!!

It's amazing these conservative dummies never thought of it before.

I do not consider myself all that conservative or a dummy (being sarcastic on one of those) but seeing how the same "massaging" is used to downplay unemployment numbers (i.e. people stop looking for work so do not count in labor force) it hardly surprises me that the government would do the same thing for crime.

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