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Federalist Society Convention

The annual National Lawyers Convention of the Federalist Society is November 13-15 at (as always) the Mayflower Hotel in Washington.  The FedSoc website has the highlights and the full schedule.

Justice Scalia will deliver the opening address.  Justice Alito will speak at the black-tie dinner. 

The annual Rosenkranz debate will be on collection of phone records and the Fourth Amendment with former Attorney General Michael Mukasey against former ACLU President Nadine Strossen.

Mr. Mukasey will also be on the panel put on by the Criminal Law Practice Group (of which I am a executive committee member and former chairman).  He will be partnered with the notorious Prof. William G. Otis, Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center (and sometime blogger).  John Malcolm of Heritage Foundation and Marc Levin from Texas Public Policy Foundation are also on the panel, with Judge William Pryor moderating.

The Civil Rights Practice Group's panel also has a criminal-law related theme, sexual assault on campus, and unfortunately it is scheduled at the same time.  I would especially like to hear Heather MacDonald.  (Pardon me if I duck out, Bill.)

Former Senator and D.C. Circuit Judge James Buckley will close out the event.

Memo to burglars:  My home will be occupied in my absence, and the occupants are armed.


I wish I could attend, but I will be away in Atlanta for another conference. For anyone who's never been to the annual conference, I highly recommend it.


With Mike Mukasey to carry the ball, I scarcely think I'll be needed. General Mukasey has more credibility in this town than anyone, and rightly so.

So I might duck out with you to hear Heather MacDonald.

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