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News Scan

Florida Teen Sentenced to Life in Prison: A Florida teen convicted of murdering two people during a carjacking attempt in 2011 has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars.  NBC Miami reports that 19-year-old Eric Ellington told authorities that he shot one of his victims 11 times at point blank range because he "didn't look scared enough" when Ellington demanded that he get out of his vehicle.  Ellington's two accomplices at the time of the killings have also been charged with first-degree murder and are awaiting sentencing.

Man Extradited in Decades-Old Cold Case: A California man has been extradited to Kentucky in order to face charges in the murder of a 20-month-old baby more than 40 years ago.  Matthew Glowicki of The Courier-Journal reports that 65-year-old Lawrence Beck brought his girlfriend's son to the hospital in December of 1971 claiming that the child was unresponsive due to illness.  Doctors were unable to revive the boy and quickly determined that he exhibited signs of severe abuse.  Due to limited forensic technology, police were unable to make an arrest.  Police now believe they have enough forensic evidence to convict Beck of murder.  He is currently being held in a Kentucky county jail on $500,000 bond.

Alabama Man Convicted in Triple Homicide: An Alabama killer now faces a possible death sentence after being found guilty of murdering three men at a party in 2012.  CBS News reports that 24-year-old Desmonte Leonard was convicted on several counts of murder and attempted murder.  At a party in Auburn in June 2012 Leonard fired his gun nine times into a crowd leaving three men dead and three others wounded.  Leonard faces a minimum sentence of life without parole.

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