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News Scan

Convicted Killer Sentenced to Life: A Texas teenager has been ordered to spend the rest of his life behind bars after being found guilty of murdering his mother earlier this year.  Jason Molinet of the New York Daily News reports that 18-year-old Kevin Davis beat his mother to death with a hammer before sexually assaulting her corpse.  He also told police that he was planning on killing his sister as well, but got tired of waiting for her to come home.  Prosecutors originally gave Davis the option of serving just 60 years behind bars, but he declined, deciding to let the jury determine his sentence.   

Suspect Arrested in Cold Case Murder: A California man suspected of murdering his mother-in-law more than a decade ago has been arrested and charged with her murder.  CBS Los Angeles reports that 46-year-old John Gutierrez allegedly beat the woman with a blunt object before tying a bag over head, causing her to die of asphyxia.  Police announced that newly found evidence and witness interviews led to the eventual arrest of Gutierrez earlier this week.

CA Man Sentenced to Death: A California man convicted of murdering two women in Los Angeles three decades ago has been sentenced to death.  Marc Cota-Robles of ABC News reports that 50-year-old Kevin Haley was originally sentenced to death for one of the killings in 1988, but the California Supreme Court reversed the special circumstance allegations, which forced a re-trial.  This time around, the jury found that the special circumstance did in fact apply and Haley was sentenced to death for both murders.  

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