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News Scan

Man Wearing GPS Device Arrested on Drug Charges: A Massachusetts man on federal probation for drug possession and distribution has been arrested again for drug sales despite having a GPS monitoring device attached to his ankle.  George Graham of The Republican reports that 26-year-old David Faust was arrested Thursday afternoon for selling cocaine, OxyContin, and marijuana throughout the city of Springfield, Massachusetts.  Faust has a lengthy criminal past and has been arrested on multiple occasions for drug possession and sales.

DNA Links Man to Cold Case Murder: A Texas man is behind bars and facing murder charges after a DNA sample linked him to a 2008 cold case killing.  Shaley Sanders of KCBD News reports that 43-year-old Billy Lumbaugh Jr. is the man believed to be responsible for killing a Lubbock woman in 2008 and dumping her body in a field.  In addition to the murder charge, Lumbaugh was also linked to an unsolved rape and an unsolved kidnapping and robbery. 

Kansas Man Faces Possible Death Sentence: A Kansas man faces a possible death sentence if he is found guilty in the brutal murders of a mother and her three young children.  Jeff Lehr of CNHR News reports that 23-year-old David C. Bennett Jr. allegedly broke into the woman's home and sexually assaulted her in the middle of the night.  He returned hours later and strangled the woman and her three young children to death.  Bennett is currently being held in county jail on charges of first-degree murder and rape.

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