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Proposition 47

California's wine country is not exactly conservative territory, to put it mildly.  Napa County went 2-1 for Obama over Romney.  But the St. Helena Star has a scathing editorial on the "defining criminality down" initiative, Proposition 47:

Carrying a stolen handgun. Possession of a date-rape drug. Carrying stolen credit cards. Financial elder abuse.

If these sound like minor, misdemeanor-level offenses to you, then you'll be interested in voting for Proposition 47.

But if they strike you as being the serious felonies that they are, then vote no on Prop. 47.

In an Orwellian touch, supporters -- who include billionaire liberal financier George Soros -- have dubbed the atrociously written proposition the "Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act," based on the notion that the money saved by not incarcerating so-called "non-serious" criminals will be used for positive social programs.

The problem, as Napa County District Attorney Gary Lieberstein cogently explained to the Star's editorial board, is the proposition's definition of "non-serious." It's hard to imagine a rational person who would consider the drug and property crimes mentioned above to be "non-serious," but that's exactly how they would be treated if Prop. 47 passes.
However, the Field Poll indicates it is highly likely to pass.

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