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A Career Prosecutor for US DAG

President Obama has nominated Atlanta U.S. Attorney Sally Yates to the number 2 spot at USDoJ, Deputy Attorney General.  Andrew Grossman and Devlin Barrett have this article in the WSJ.

A graduate of the University of Georgia law school, Ms. Yates has 2½ decades of experience as a federal prosecutor. Her career includes the prosecution of Eric Rudolph, who pleaded guilty in 2005 to bombing the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Her husband, Comer Yates, ran unsuccessful campaigns for Congress as a Democrat, in 1994 and 1996, and has donated to Democratic candidates, including Mr. Obama.

But Ms. Yates's career as a prosecutor could help her win confirmation in the Republican-controlled Senate.

"I know Sally Yates well and she has been an outstanding U.S. Attorney," said Sen. Johnny Isakson, a Republican from Ms. Yates's home state of Georgia. "She will have my full support."

My informal inquires to Georgia contacts have also come back positive.

There is an important diversity aspect to this nomination.  Ms. Yates is breaking the "glass ceiling" that irrationally tends to keep people who went to non-big-name law schools from being considered top-tier lawyers throughout their career.  There is no rational basis for considering long-ago school attendance to be even a significant criterion, much less a primary one, once lawyers have a decade or more of performance in the profession to be judged on, yet people still do it.

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